How to add affiliate links on Instagram

Andrew Olekh
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We are starting a series of useful articles and for the first of them we had to go to the High Mountain Monastery of Affiliate Arts. We climbed 10,000 steps (we don’t know exactly how many, we’re tired of counting 700). Passed through the gates of the monastery, painted with dragons and tigers, and under a plum tree met the Master of Links. He contemplated the ancient Matrix screensaver on his battered MacBook. Bowing, we asked him a question. How to add affiliate links on Instagram? Link Master smoothed his gray high eyebrows and slowly answered us.

“When adding affiliate links on Instagram you might wonder if I got banned and how will i get sales. Take heed, students. There are like two different ways of adding affiliate links on Instagram. Previously, they were called – “The Way of the Earth” and “The Way of Heaven”, but this did not make any sense and they were no longer called that.
The first way is completely free. There is a website called linktree, this is a free platform where you can add like multiple links under one link. The thing with Instagram is that you can only add like one link on the bio. So sign up to and create an account you can just put in the main link tree link alone on the bio. Just put it your bio and when people click on it they will be able to see multiple links inside.
But the path of an affiliate is thorny and winding. If you are not getting sales, then your account is it’s not very targeted. For example, if you sell long staves, make sure your account is about staves. And if you’re selling a product for eyebrow growth … In general, you get the point.
So, for example, your Instagram account is about Rolling Gongs, so you need to sign up to amazon publishing, become an affiliate with amazon, grab your affiliate link for a particular gong or maybe you can create your own store there. Then you can leave the link to your store and just paste it there in the link tree.
The second method is also free version that you can do is to create a free website with wordpress or any other free platform. A simple one-page website where you will promote all the stuff that you are talking about in your Instagram account so you can drive the traffic to your website.
So these are the two ways of how you can add affiliate links. “Path of Fire” and “Path of Water”, as they used to be called. Now please go down to the valley and bring me ten buckets of water.

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