Affiliate marketing checklist 

Andrew Olekh
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Our new employee, a specialist in lists and ratings, at his own peril and risk, went down to the basement of our office, where the oldest affiliate lives – Count Promotakula, also known as Vlad Trafitsepesh. Despite his venerable age, His Highness compiled a complete and comprehensive checklist for the affiliate marketing.

1. Choose your niche

See if your chosen topic is popular. What keywords are suitable for your product, and most importantly, can you make good money on it? After all, if the topic is too popular, it will be difficult for you to get to the first pages of the search.

2. Sleep under a cover

Many people do not understand why it is so important to sleep under a cover. But if your bed doesn’t protect anything on top, how can you be sure that you’ll sleep all day? What if the ceiling of your castle collapses? What if the sun hits you? What if someone wants to drive an aspen stake into your chest? See?! It’s better to sleep under a cover.

3. Choose which products you will promote

The product must be interesting to you, it must be popular, and it must have good reviews. For example, blood. Everyone loves blood. But for a good conversion, you need to create a page with a user-friendly design, beautiful and easy to open on mobile devices. It’s not that simple.

4. Create a content plan

A content plan based on keywords linked by article links is ideal. The more content you can generate, the better for sales. Believe me, you yourself will begin to better understand the product you are going to promote, and this is half the success.

5. Create pages on social networks.

First of all, everyone does it. This is as natural as sleeping in a closed bed at the top. Secondly, it can attract new customers to you until your page begins to show up in search engines.

6. Buy a domain

The domain name should be easy to read and memorable. For example, This is a ready-made slogan, lifestyle and potential trend.

7. Write articles based on keyword research

A good website should have harmony between what you sell and the information content. Keywords are very important, thanks to them your site will appear in search engines. Without them he would be as lost as a bat on a foggy night. It will circle around the castle until the first rays of dawn… Sorry, I got a little off topic.

8. Take profitable programs in affiliate networks

If your website is made as I described above, take a ready-made program from affiliate networks and start promoting it. Moonrover has more than 1000 offers. Eternal life is not enough to earn money on each one!

9. Read the terms and conditions

Please read the program terms and conditions carefully. It’s really that simple. It’s a shame to spend so much time promoting a product and get nothing because you violated the advertiser’s terms. This makes the blood clot.

10. Be Eternally Thirsty

I mean the Thirst for earning money, what were you thinking?

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