5 steps to find the best affiliate programs

Andrew Olekh
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We turned to the best affiliate detective with one question: how to find the best program. Puffing on his pipe, he told us about the intricacies of affiliate investigation, and for some reason our new employee responsible for the lists put it in the form of five steps.

Step one. Check the program.

Start simple: take your affiliate link, add items to your cart and place your order. Make sure the commission is displayed. If not, trace the program with white chalk along the contour of the body and look for the next one.

Step two. Know your audience

The higher the conversion rate, the more you earn. Logical? One might even say – elementary. Knowing your audience will make it easier for you to choose the right programs and products. There are many analytics programs you can use, there are even free ones. Or you can go around your audience the old-fashioned way with a notepad and pencil, asking if they saw anything suspicious.

Step three. Interview program managers

There is no need to interrogate the program manager in a closed room with a mirror visible. Don’t push him too hard. In fact, it will be enough to just write to him by email and find out the nuances about the program. Good managers are quick to cooperate. If not, remember, any reading taken out by force will not be taken into account.

Step four. Affiliate program EPCs aren’t always what they seem

A large EPC should make a good affiliate detective suspicious. This indicator may indicate that the attribution is configured incorrectly or that shady things are going on in the program. Remember, in this cruel world you can only trust one EPC indicator – your own.

Step five. Higher payouts don’t always mean a better program.

Everything is very simple here. You can solve one murder or solve ten thefts. Ten solved crimes are better than one. Although no, wait, that’s not how criminology works. But it works with the payout percentage. Sometimes a small commission can mean an item is a better seller and will make you significantly more money in the long run. Although sometimes high interest rates for expensive goods are also good.

Happy hunting, detectives!

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