5 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

Andrew Olekh
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We went up to the attic of our office on the Moon, where there lives a man with a telescope and stars in a high canopy. “What does the future hold for us?” – we asked. He replied, “I am an astronomer, not an astrologer.” “Then why are you dressed up like that?” – we asked. And with a heavy sigh he began to predict for us.

1. AI will reign in affiliate marketing

You see that the constellation Capricorn has entered… Although let’s skip this nonsense, we all read the news and understand what is happening. Affiliate platforms will increasingly rely on AI. Here we can assume optimization of any kind: from performance to automatic search by any parameters.

Any routine work that AI does means that people can do something more creative. While content creation is a different story, many are already generating content using AI.

2. Content diversification is coming

Where content is generated by AI, there is an opportunity for content diversification. The lens of my telescope has fogged up, and I can’t see whether this will be a division of content into different platforms and social networks, or even content selected for a specific target audience. Or perhaps all together.

Short content for videos, medium content for articles, long content for training videos. Look, that’s all I see. Can I now be left alone and observe the personal life of the gas clouds in the constellation Cygnus?

3. Influence of influencers

I see that you won’t just leave me alone. Well, listen! In 2024, influencer marketing will rise above all other marketing strategies. So what if they say this every year! So it’s true! This is a personal level, this is direct access to the audience! If even a person sitting alone in an attic understands this, then everything is exactly as it is!

4. Prepare for a wave of collaborations

I see how brand converges with brand. Advertisers with publishers. Everything is intertwined and collaborating. Joint advertising campaigns and cross-products. Promotional codes and other integrated approaches. Era of partnership! An era of universal friendship and love! Okay, I went a little overboard with that last one, but I think you get the gist.

Everyone benefits from cooperation, and the buyer, of course, more than others. By the way, would you like to cooperate and bring me a cup of moon coffee if you want to listen to the prophecies further?

5. The buyer becomes informed

The race never ends. Buyers are becoming more informed every year, they are doing their own research before purchasing, they are comparing and looking for the best deals. This means that the content should become more complex, bigger and bigger, even though I might want a taller and more pointed cap.

What to do about it? I’m a predictor, not a savior. Work better, probably. Affiliates will have to adapt their strategies, but when has it been different? And advertisers will have to become more responsive.

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