How to choose a niche

Andrew Olekh
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Everyone around is just talking about niches: microniches, subniches, medium niches, narrow niches and wide ones. We are starting a series of materials about niches with a review article “How to choose a niche.” We will plunge into the world of ancient legends and proven facts. As the philosopher and owner of an impressive niche under his mustache Friedrich Nietzsche said, “A niche that does not kill me makes me richer.”

Legends say that previously there were no niches in affiliate marketing, all offers were the same, and payments were 100%. Then a catastrophe happened and everything scattered into a thousand thousand pieces. But somewhere there are wise men who protect their niches and earn a good income. We will look for them later. Now let’s learn about niches in general terms, and try to determine how to find your one and only one.

Every journey to find the perfect niche starts with Google Trends. Has the niche been formed for a long time? How popular is she? What are her stats? If you find the right one, find a couple more. Even under Nietzsche’s mustache there are two niches, not just one. Diversification is important.

A wanderer in search of a niche must know how many fellow travelers he has. Surely, you are not the first who decided to go down this road. Assess what potential competitors have been doing. Are there many of them? Who knows, maybe you are the lucky one who will manage to find an ideal niche where competition is low and income is high. There is a legend about this too. Or was it a film with Jean Claude Van Damme, who remembers?

Each niche has its own characteristics. For example, monthly renewed subscriptions for which you can earn income every time. Somewhere there are profitable coupons or seasonal discounts. Some will offer you large payments, while others will offer you small but stable payments. Too foggy? But in a good myth this always happens.

Each niche has its own peculiarities in promotion. What could be better than a beauty blogger with a million subscribers to promote cosmetics? Only auto parts review blogger with ten million followers to promote auto parts.

There are also more subtle details, for example, in finance they often use aggregators to compare offers, but you wouldn’t do this for a dating site. Or is this a million dollar idea?

Promoting fashionable sneakers on Instagram is a great idea, but it’s unlikely that photos with screenshots of software will be popular there. But who knows.

Similarweb and other similar tools can provide much more definitive answers to these questions. Seeing what types of traffic are popular on sites in your chosen niche sounds like a smart idea.

This article is just the beginning of a series of materials about diverse and wonderful niches. Soon we will go in search of the legendary elders – the keepers of the niches, and by any means we can force them to share their secrets with us. Travel, sports, self-development, catering and booking, software and delivery.

Oh, how many wonderful niches we have to visit! Even Nietzsche with his mustache never dreamed of such a thing.

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