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Andrew Olekh
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We continue the series of materials about niches, in search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. Tell me, where do you expect to meet the Guardian of the financial niche? On the top floor of a skyscraper in a glass room, sitting in a deep chair. Well, we found him in the dense forest. Because finance is called an evergreen niche.

Guardian of the financial niche appeared before us in the form of a beautiful maiden in a light dress. But those who have met him before say that he can take the form of a lumberjack, a goblin from The Witcher, or even an elderly birdwatcher. In a word, we were lucky; we found the Guardian in a good mood, weaving a wreath of money. “Cryptocurrencies, investing, mortgages, blockchain, personal finance, stocks,” – she said, smiling thoughtfully.

We walked along a pleasant shady path, and the Guardian walked alongside, only lightly touching the ground with her bare feet. “They used to call it all verticals, you know what else is vertical? Trees. And grasses are horizontal. Probably. It’s a pity I don’t know anything about nature. So, before they were verticals, but now they’re niches. Finance is called evergreen, but it’s not so. And the tallest trees are gone, the branches dry out, the leaves turn yellow, insects eat the bark. It’s the same with Finance, some niches die, but new ones begin to turn green in their place. A couple of years ago these were crypto exchanges, and now look at this blossoming application for personal finance. Life is everywhere, trends are everywhere”.

Meanwhile, the path became lost and the trees closed in around us. The Guardian noticed our embarrassment, and, plucking a blackberry from a bush, she laughed. “Want to ask how not to get lost in the forest? It’s very simple. Use familiar paths. If you don’t have an investment portfolio, you shouldn’t tell people what stocks to invest in. But maybe you’ve often taken out loans? So tell them about it. Oh, how much wonderful money the loan comparison sites brought in! Just a flowering forest, thick and mighty.”

The trees were closing in more and more densely above us, the sun disappeared and the air became damp and musty. Our feet were buried in fallen leaves, and the Guardian did not seem to notice this. “But the forest is not always friendly. Trees fight for the sun, a jaguar eats a capybara, as one philosopher said. This is a field of eternal silent war. And in Finance, the competition is incredibly high. This niche is inhospitable to beginners; to get to the best clearings, you need to survive against real predators.”

We looked around in search of jaguars or other predators, but found ourselves on the outskirts of the forest, and before us a view opened up to the horizon, where the trees stretched into the distance like a green carpet. “But look, Finance is endless, there is a place for everyone here. Look for your niche! Maybe it’s money transfers between countries? Banking services? Loans? How many wonderful prospects! A little luck and work, and I think you will succeed.”

Having said this, the Guardian of the financial niche disappeared with a laugh like a forest stream, leaving behind the smell of a new credit card. And from the meeting we got a bunch of evergreen Moonrover offers. Here they are, please use them wisely:

KovoCredit (US) – online credit builder – $23.07 payout.

Wise (AU, BR, DE, UK, US) – international money transfers – up to $38,4 payout.

MoneyGram (AU, CA, FR, DE, IT, ES, US) – money transfer company – $6,15 payout.

Itaú (BR) – Brazilian private bank – up to 92,3R payout.

Self (US) – online credit builder – $21,66 payout.

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