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Andrew Olekh
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We continue the series of materials about niches, in search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. As you remember, Niche Keepers can take on a variety of forms, and this time, when going to meet with the Travel Niche Keeper, we only repeated, “Please, let it be Michael Palin!” But no, we met on the border of the desert and the Guardian of the Travel niche appeared before us in the form of a beautiful caravan girl. Caravans are both travel and trade, quite logical.

“The Travel niche cannot be called a single whole. And you can divide it into sub-niches as you wish. For example, by price: budget or luxury. Or by quantity: family or single. Or by content: extreme or touristic. Or in essence: for relaxation or in search of new experiences. There are booking services. But what will you choose? Air tickets? Car rentals? Event tickets? Maybe travel insurance? Or maybe travel equipment? I can go on and on, but you already understand that there are more options in the travel niche, than grains of sand in the desert”

We continue to walk along the sand following the Guardian of the Travel Niche and, as if enchanted, we listen to her speech, similar to the sound of the wind in the dunes, without feeling tired or thirsty. “Have you met the Guardian of the financial niche? They say she now wanders through the evergreen forests and flutters like a bird. But I had a hard time during the pandemic, although now everything is more or less in order. People will never stop traveling, and you cannot redefine the whole world, “But you can try. Do you know that the income in my niche is one of the highest in affiliate marketing? But there are also features. Everyone has them.”

The voice of the caravan driver sounds so peaceful that we didn’t even notice how hot the air was. and the sand began to burn my feet through my shoes. “Indeed, the average income in the Travel niche is higher compared to other niches, but you have to pay for it with expectations. It’s good that humanity has not yet invented instant travel through portals. To get somewhere you have to travel a long way. It’s the same with the Travel niche “The payout here will have to wait a long time, sometimes in the case of a booking – a very long time. Therefore, the affiliate must be patient and persistent, like a real caravan driver. And then his efforts will pay off.”

We didn’t even notice how we found ourselves in a beautiful oasis: the greenery of palm trees and bushes, a clear stream, an emerald lake with cool water. “Just imagine what could be better: to be a travel blogger, to visit different countries, talk about them, to be loved by the public and get paid for it! Oh, what a life! Entertainment and wonderful pure traffic. Doesn’t everyone dream of this? Even Muckle Palin wouldn’t refuse, right? But let’s be honest, not everyone can be a travel blogger. But you can at least take an offer with coupons for air tickets and already feel the romantic aroma of distant travels and income.”

“May your road to the world of Travel be easy and filled with pleasant meetings,” the Guardian finally admonished us. And she gave us this wonderful list of Moonrover offers, smelling of the sea, beaches and a new leather suitcase: (WW) – airlines booking service – 0.807% payout

Extended Stay America (US) – booking service – 1.23% USD payout

Radissonhotels (US) –  1,100 hotels around the world – 3.268% payout

Avis (AD,FR,IE,UK,DZ,ES,IT,DE,AT,PL,GR,PT) – rental car service – 6,15% payout

Luxury Escapes (BN,KH,HK,ID,MY,PH,SG,KR,TW,TH,VM) – travel agency for lodging – 3,84% payout

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