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Andrew Olekh
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We always turn to the best specialists for answers. This time we asked the question – how to make money on a blog? – to the great writer of the past, and now our collaborator – the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe. After he realized that a blog is something like a diary, he told us how to make money from texts.

First of all, we asked, what do blogs and affiliate marketing have in common? “It’s very simple,” the rebellious spirit answered without hesitation, “A blog is pure traffic. The dream of every advertiser. Even ruthless search engines become cute cartoons at the sight of a blog and rush to put it higher in the search. An ideal world where everyone is happy, dancing and getting benefits.”


1. Content.

In general, this is the main thing in any creativity. Find a unique niche that you love? Raven? Midnight dreary? Running shoes? No, wait, the last one is truly depressing, it’s not worth writing about. Would you say that it is impossible to come up with something new? Well, I’ve invented a new genre in literature. If I had an affiliate program, my life would probably be easier. And you have so many opportunities and you complain. Okay, okay, I complained my whole life too, but I made a career out of it!


2. Design

People meet you by their clothes, so they say. In general, it was the same for us in the 19th century; you have to be able to stand out. Clear content and bright design. A poem about a raven and an ink drawing of a raven, isn’t this a perfect design. And think about sneakers? Oh-ho-ho, scary to imagine, legs, sports, bright colors. Who in their right mind would like this? There are also a bunch of design things like fonts, user accessibility, and color combinations. But I don’t understand anything about this, you’d better ask the guy who sleeps in a coffin in the basement of our office, he seems to understand this.


3. Personal brand

Content and design are only a reflection of your personality. The purpose of all this is personal branding. See my cool mustache? Yes, you can’t see, because I’m a ghost, for sure. But I had them! Everyone said, remember that guy with sad eyes, a big forehead, and a cool mustache! Everyone recognized Edgar Allan Poe. It’s just a misunderstanding that not everyone in my time tried to imitate me. Sorry, I got distracted. But if your mustache isn’t as cool as mine, which it probably isn’t, try other visualization techniques. Good video, stupid drawings, perhaps adaptations of poems by famous poets. Yes, this is a good way.


4. Social networks

You need to be present in the information space as much as possible. Search engines, which I remember, love blogs so much – that’s good. But who knows where else your readers might come from. In our time there were also newspapers, literary magazines, newspapers and books. You won’t notice how everyone reads your poems about ravens and wears the same mustache as yours. And this is not just followers, this is already a community. And it’s not far from a social phenomenon.


5. Patience

And now a little about boring things. You have to be patient. Be consistent in your work, every day, according to plan. Yes, it’s a matter of regularity. Otherwise you may not expect success. I didn’t make it. What else can I add here? It seems like I’ve told you simple things here, but it’s not so easy to do. And most importantly, why? And I’ll remind you why, because a good blog is the best type of traffic. Any program will be happy to see you among its affiliates. Your payments will be increased, you will grow the most beautiful mustache, and what else do you need for success?

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