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Andrew Olekh
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We continue the series of materials about niches; in search of the legendary elders – guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. Guardians, as we have already learned, love to subvert expectations. And when we were going to a meeting dedicated to Fashion, we didn’t even begin to guess who we would meet. However, this time we find the Guardian in a rather banal place – a shopping center.

“Why do all the Guardians take the form of beautiful girls when they meet us?” we asked the first question. “Look,” the Fashion Niche Guardian answered us, “we are here in a shopping center, you walk into a fitting room with a pretty girl, and what do you expect to hear? That the Guardians are a projection of your expectations? Something like that? Let’s do better. Try on clothes.”

Confused by this turn of events, we discover that the fitting room inside is much larger than it seems from the outside, racks of clothes stretch as far as the eye can see and are lost somewhere far away. Yes, mirrors also multiply the perspective, so it’s difficult to understand whether this room even has an end.

“I know what you’re thinking, confused by the sizes? Yes, the ecommerce niche is generally endless, and fashion is a big part of it. Don’t be alarmed, because everything is quite simple: shoes are shoes, and clothes are clothes. Right? Think about it like this, otherwise you might feel too small compared to it all.”

The keeper runs his hand along the rows of clothes on hangers, and we are surprised to hear the rustle of fabric, how quiet it is here. “I love peace of mind. I heard you met with Finance and Travel, oh, of course they are powerful. But crises happen in the economy, and during the pandemic all tourism collapsed. This will never happen with Fashion, people will always need to wear something. Even if the temperature rises, we’ll sell bikinis and sunglasses. Great, right? People also like to stand out, which is why there is a brand for everyone. And it will never end.”

“Sneakers and winter jackets, evening dresses and tracksuits, jeans and three-piece suits, T-shirts, swimsuits, blouses, sweaters. Are you listening to me or are you in a trance? And I haven’t said anything about shoes, or accessories, hats, scarves, handbags. And you know, there are also special clothes: for different professions or a specific sport…” We really fell into a hypnotic state, as if you were scrolling down a clothing store before going to bed, but it just didn’t end and didn’t end. We had to make an effort to shake ourselves up, get out of this mountain of clothes and ask what is the best way to promote all this splendor.

“Ah, well, it’s very simple. The best thing, of course, are lifestyle blogs. You’ll just be torn apart like the latest trend on a sudden sale. But if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, which is very sad, but sometimes it happens, regular banners and coupons and all that will do.”

And then we realized that this conversation would never end, and we were in the middle of nowhere among the clothes. With a growing alarm, we asked the Guardian where the exit was. “Here it is, the fitting room is quite small. And wait, here’s a gift from me – a list of the best Munrover offers, use it wisely”:

Carter’s (WW) – children’s clothing – 1.538% payout

Crocs (US) –  casual footwear – up to 8.459% payout

Puma (TH) – shoes and clothing – 4.614% payout

Bloomchic (WW) – clothing shop – 6,15% payout

Intimissimi (CZ) – lingerie shop – 8,84% payout
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