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Andrew Olekh
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We continue the series of materials about niches; in search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. Imagine our surprise when we returned to the shopping center for a meeting. This time the Guardian was waiting for us at the rental of virtual helmets. As soon as we put on our glasses, we found ourselves in a shopping center again, this time digital.

When we put on virtual reality glasses in the virtual world, the Guardian appeared to us in the form of a beautiful girl. “This is recursion! Are you guys surprised? But selling software on the Internet, for example, VPN, so that the Internet works, is also not a weak recursion. Did you catch the irony?”

We politely agreed with the Software Niche Guardian. What else did we have left? Then we asked not to multiply recursions, and tell us how it works. The virtual shopping center gave way to a typical medieval village, where NPCs hand out starting quests to kill rats in basements, and we breathed a sigh of relief. The keeper looked at the health bar above our head with a smile and spoke in the voice of an automatic translator, “What I love about my niche is the big payouts. In boring physical reality, you rarely see a 50% payout for a purchase. But with us it’s everywhere.” “And then there are subscriptions, the most desirable thing in the world of affiliate marketing. If you sell once, you receive income for several months.”

For a moment, the medieval village blinked to reveal a shopping mall and was replaced by the interior of a space station. In the blinking red alarm lights, among the wires and pipes, the Guardian continued with carefree joy, “You can say that software is one niche. But everything in your dreary physical world has an embodiment in the virtual one. You have food – we have apps for calorie control, you have love – we have apps for dating, I can’t even go on any further. Anything you say can be bought in the form of software. The choice is endlessly huge.”

The disturbing space design was replaced by a pixelated sailing ship; not far from us, in the polygonal sea, the masts of a sinking pirate ship could be seen. “Quite a transparent metaphor,” our Guardian chuckled. – “Let me tell you about something wonderful. Programs and applications are wonderful, but there is also the wonderful world of VPN. The fastest growing software market. It returns anonymity to the Internet, fights censorship, freedom of speech, security of personal data. Noble, honest words and huge potential to earn money.”

The picture flashed again, the FPS dropped and we found ourselves among incomprehensible green symbols falling in vertical columns like rain. Before we had time to think about what this place reminded us of, the Guardian spoke from nowhere, “Let me skip the part where I talk about how important it is to understand what you are going to promote, and how to correctly use analytics and other nonsense, and I’ll get right to the most important thing. When you wake up, you will have a physical list in your hand, don’t be surprised. Now. Knock, knock.”

And we found ourselves in a shopping center wearing a virtual helmet, and took it off. And we found ourselves in a shopping center, with a virtual helmet on our head. And we and took it off. And then we saw a list of offers in Moonrover. And at the top is written “Use it wisely”:

Surfshark VPN (WW) – privacy and security solutions – 30,7% payout

NordLayer (CA, UK, US, AU, DE, FR, NL) – network access security solution – 38,4% payout

Bluehost (WW) – internet domains registrar – $40 payout per sale

Hostgator (WW) – provider of  VPS and dedicated web hosting – $40 payout

Atlas VPN (WW) – VPN service – 61.52% + 23% payout for recurring payments

Uizard (WW) – UI design tool – 53,83% monthly plan & 15,38% yearly plan payout

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