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Andrew Olekh
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Our next guardian, needless to say, took the form of an attractive girl. And honestly, we are beginning to doubt that they can behave differently; we have never encountered this before. But the food niche keeper chose a truly unexpected place. We were invited to an art gallery for an exhibition of still lifes.


We asked why such an original place, and not a restaurant or at least a food court. To which our Guardian replied, “Is it possible to eat on the Internet? The screen will not satiate you, you can only look at the food or read about it, well, and also order, buy, or at least book a table. There is one more nuance that makes painting and niche food in affiliate marketing. By investing in paintings, you can always earn more from them later. The same goes for food affiliate programs. This market is always growing. I know other Niche Keepers have also boasted to you about their evergreenness. But nothing lasts forever, even dating may one day disappear. But as long as humanity is alive, it will eat something, there is no doubt about it. And as long as there are more people, this market will grow and will never be saturated.”


We stand for a few moments in front of a minimalist painting depicting a lone apple against a blue background. “It’s a so-so art,” says our Guardian, “but in many countries people watch their diet, they need healthy products, balanced diets, healthy food. Then they can break out and eat unhealthy food. Taken together, these markets are huge, they do not exclude, and even complement each other. And although this is not particularly advertised, it is tasty information for affiliate marketing.”


The next picture is an image of a table with a wide variety of cold cuts. “Probably, this painting carries some kind of allegorical meaning. I don’t know, I don’t know much about art, but what I can say for sure is that modern people have begun to cook more at home. And this is a whole cascade of niches: food delivery, recipe services, kitchen appliances and dishes. Enough to fill you up.”


We move slowly around the hall. And we notice that there are not very many visitors besides us. The keeper nods in agreement, “Not surprising. Look at this picture, now there are two apples and a sliced sausage. Not too original. It’s good that in affiliate marketing we know a lot about variety. Do you want to take over a vegan niche, please. Or you can not limit yourself and take all the food products at once. There is usually a general price tag for a new client’s order. It’s like a nice snack, and always on time. Let’s speed up and take a closer look. I’m not talking about the pictures, of course, they are terrible. There are a huge number of niches in food, and all of them are in demand and for each there is a program for any wallet. For example, wine. They were in fashion. The fashion has passed, but people will not stop drinking wine. And the same can be said for craft beer, or baking, or diet sites, or recipe sites.”


“Look at these pictures, they seem like a mediocre daub, but you still want to eat. Here’s another undoubted plus of the food niche. It sells itself. There’s no need to write multi-page reviews from super-specialists; a picture of a juicy hamburger attracts attention in itself. You don’t need to explain why one product is superior to other similar ones, just show a hungry person how hot cheese stretches on a slice of pizza and bam! Sold! Okay, that’s enough art for today, time to start eating, wait, I’ll write down for you one working recipe, suitable for everyone, here’s the list of best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely:


Fuel Meals (US) – meal delivery – 7,69% payout


Viome (CA,FR,LU,AU,UK,DE,US) – personalized food recommendations – 23.07% payout


Macy’s Wine Shop (US) – wine store – up to $19.23 payout


Gobble (US) – recipes service – $1.53 payout


Food Lion (US) – groceries delivery – $0,76 payout


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