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Andrew Olekh
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We continue our series of materials about niches. In search of the legendary elders – the guardians of the niches, we travel the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. This time we were invited to a meeting with the Guardian of the Sports Niche in an ordinary house in the suburbs, and we were already ready for surprises, but

It is believed that guardians can take different forms, but for us they are always beautiful girls. A fact that is easy to come to terms with. We entered the house and the Guardian met us on a large sofa in front of a large TV, there were snacks and cool beer on the table. “I ordered pizza and hot wings,” she told us. We expressed doubts, because during meetings with the guardians, we had never been to many places, in the forest, desert, virtual worlds and while jogging.“This time we’ll just watch sports broadcasts, it’s logical, no one runs around shopping on the Internet either.”

The keeper changed the channel and we sat down to watch football. Crunching chips, we listened to what this keeper would tell us. “Sports broadcasts are the foundation on which my niche rests. Let me not say anything about evergreens, sports have always existed in the history of mankind, and we all undoubtedly miss deadly chariot races and gladiatorial fights. Suffice it to say that most sports use lawns, that’s green enough in itself. Sports leagues sell broadcast rights to channels, channels pay affiliates to sell broadcasts to viewers, that’s a series of passes, if we speak in sports terms. Where’s the goal? In the subscription, of course!”

We switch to a broadcast of baseball, the rules of which we don’t understand, but cold beer and chips with salted nuts make any game more interesting. “I can tell you for a long time how many billions of dollars the industry is valued at, and how it is constantly growing. But it’s not just about growth, it’s about the niche itself, you sell a broadcast, a person supports his favorite team, then buys a baseball cap with its symbols, a T-shirt with “Your favorite athlete’s number, trading cards, autographed bat, glove, cleats, and you never know what else, and that’s where the fun begins. Wait, I think they brought pizza.”

While we are eating pizza, which, frankly speaking, we are already tired of, since it is our main diet in the office on the moon, the Guardian switches to the golf broadcast and continues his story. “And so the person who bought all those wonderful things that I told you about, in one wonderful moment decides to become at least a little like his sports idols. A wonderful moment of epiphany! And We have something to offer him! Golf, for example, is not only a game, but also part of the lifestyle, and these are T-shirts and trousers, clubs and so on. And also golf clubs. Use a little imagination, and they can sell online lessons. Now multiply this for each sport.”

We switch to basketball, but we’re already so full and the beer is so cool that we realize how much we like the sport. “Regardless of the league and sport, everyone strives to become more entertaining and interesting. What does this mean for affiliate marketing? Entertainment is the sale of tickets to matches, the good old event ticket booking sites, a slow but sure way to make money, everything is clear with that. But there is another companion of sport, and it is associated with interest, I would even say, with passion.”

Here the broadcast changes again, this time to The Mandalorian. “Unexpected, right? – it’s almost as unpredictable as sports betting. Yes, also part of my niche. And the most profitable one, I must say. The competition here is incredibly high, but the profits cannot be compared with any others. If you have experience and courage, and you will successfully promote bookmakers’ offers, who knows, maybe one day you yourself will have your own sports team.”

The TV screen goes dark. “What else should I add? The game is just beginning, here’s the list of best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely”:

Sportsline (WW) – sports betting service – up to $11,53 payout

Zerorestriction (US) – clothes and sport equipment – 13,84% payout

Fairwayandgreene (US) – golf inspired clothes – 11,53% payout

Fit2Run (US) – athletic shoes and apparel, bikes – 5.38% payout

fuboTV (US,CA) –  70+ HD sport channels – up to $23.07 payout

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