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Andrew Olekh
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We continue our series of materials about niches. In search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. When we were told that our next meeting would be with the Delivery Niche Guardian, we were prepared for anything. As usual, a pleasant girl greeted us and said that we would, imagine, deliver! As always, surprises awaited us from an unexpected direction.

Our today’s keeper checked the list and we went to the address. Of course, we expected our destination to be something metaphorical, like a post-apocalyptic world, but no, it was an ordinary address in the suburbs. We gave away the faceless box, and then we noticed something strange: the recipient looked exactly like our Guardian-deliver. The first time we decided to remain silent. And they asked the usual question about the features of the niche. “This is a strange thing – delivery, it seems like it has always been there, the merchants of antiquity were also a kind of delivery men. But as soon as it began to seem that there was nothing heroic in delivery, a pandemic happened, delivery men became universal heroes, and then Kajima made a whole game about boxes, delivery and an abandoned world. I wonder if it works out, right? Or as we say in delivery – it delivers.”

The next address, again an ordinary house, this time an apartment building, and again the recipient looks exactly like our delivery man. We decided to remain silent a second time and asked our favorite question about evergreening. “How can delivery disappear? It’s a process, not a product. What difference does it make what’s in the box? A pizza or a gold bar? Our task is simple – deliver and get paid for it. Well, yes, technological progress has made this process more convenient. All these applications and geolocation. So as long as there is space in it, something will always have to be moved from place to place.”

We noted the rather global nature of the response and asked to be more specific. “Okay, now we’ll deliver the next order, do you want to know what’s in the box? Products. You met with the Keeper of the Food Niche, maybe you remember everything she told you and this will be my answer. In the coming years, the delivery market will only grow, and soon a whole generation of people will grow up who will have a hard time understanding why they should go somewhere to buy goods in a store if they deliver them to your home or any other specified point.”

We delivered a grocery basket and again the recipient was an exact copy of the delivery person. We decided to remain silent for the third time and not pay attention to it. The Guardian obviously became enraged and continued. “Then people will stop going to restaurants because food can be ordered for delivery, and so gradually everything will move online. Isn’t that what you’re striving for in affiliate marketing? Am I wrong? Your target audience is limitless: food, for the most part, but There are also flowers, gifts, yes, anything at all.”

When we delivered the next order, and the door was opened for us by the Guardian’s double, we decided not to ask anything, since we were silent the first three times anyway. We just clarified what all this means for affiliate marketing. “A percentage for new users, as a rule. Or maybe a magic subscription. You know, the delivery of goods never ends. Oh, I have a new client! You know, here’s a small box, I deliver it from hand to hand, it contains thе list of best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely”:

Fuel Meals (US) – meal delivery – 7,69% payout

GourmetGiftBaskets (US) – premium handmade baskets – up to 11.5% payout

Hickory Farms (US) – gourmet gift boxes – 6,15% payout

Shipt Consumer (US) – delivery from stores – $7.69 payout

Food Lion (US) – groceries delivery – $0,76 payout

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