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Andrew Olekh
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We continue our series of materials about niches. In search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. This time the guardian took the form… Guess? That’s right, a pretty girl met us in the park. This looked disgraceful, because when arranging the meeting we were promised dog paradise.

When we expressed our concern, the keeper, stroking a huge St. Bernard, replied, “Look carefully, this is the real paradise for dogs. There are sticks, bones, puddles here. Here you can run, roll in the mud and bury bones. For the complete happiness of each a dog needs only one more thing – an owner. But dog owners are a little more complicated, and you can make good money on this.”

St. Bernard ran off to do his dog business, and we were surrounded by a pack of pugs. However, they quickly settled down and fell asleep peacefully snoring. “Look at them, aren’t they angels? They sleep like babies. Dogs are actually eternal children, and it’s not customary to save money on children. The world market for pet products is estimated at approximately $150 billion, and these are very conservative estimates. Do you want to? Should I take part in this? The market is competitive, but I’m sure there’s enough room for everyone.”

The keeper asked us to be careful, because it was feeding time. If you have seen Renaissance paintings depicting the battle of armies, you will roughly understand what we are talking about. Trying to drown out this noise, the Guardian continued her story, “Animal food is the basis of our niche, but this is only the foot of the pyramid of needs. In general, everything that an owner may need, his pet will most likely need: medicines, cosmetics, hair care products , toys and for many also fashionable clothes and, as a result, a personal page on Instagram. You have to show it to someone”.

A well-fed labrador came up to us, sat down on the grass and raised his paw, offering to play. “What kind of dogs do we call good? That’s right, obedient dogs. Therefore, let’s move up our pyramid of needs from material things to more sublime things. I’m not talking about the high aesthetic pleasure from wallowing in smelly things, it’s about education. According to statistics the average dog owner in America spends more than $1,000 a year on education. I don’t know what they teach them there, maybe managers of medium-sized businesses or take courses in poetry, but animal training is another sub-niche in our good niche.”

While we were pleasantly pensive watching a dog of an unknown breed bury something in a hole, our Guardian, combing out the fur of another pet, continued the story, “The top of this pyramid is lost in the clouds, even I don’t know what else pet owners may need in the future. What about pet insurance? This is reality. Veterinary expenses can be very serious, and there is no room for jokes. But there is an opportunity for affiliate income, for example, GPS tracker or pet DNA test”. 

A wondrously beautiful sunset spread over the wonderful park, and the dogs ran around and went to bed. “I decided to show you a paradise for dogs, but there is also one for cats. It’s not quite the same and it smells worse there, but I think you get the idea. In the niche of pet products, there is a place for everyone: cats, horses, mini pigs, turtles and parrots. And I have more excellent offers than there are breeds. Here’s a list of the best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely”:

Canada Vet Express (US) – pet supplies – 3,84% payout

PrettyLitter (CA) – litter for cats – 9,23% payout

Whistle (US, CA) – GPS tracker and activity monitor for pets – 4,61% payout

Wisdom Panel (US) – pet DNA test – 4.61% payout

Vetster (US, CA) – find and book veterinarians service – $11.53 payout

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