How to make perfect banner. Final part

Andrew Olekh
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We complete our epic journey of creating the perfect banner. The years of meditation, adventure and hard work are behind us. We have a slogan, a call to action and a design, but creating a banner is only half the battle. What matters is how you use it. And the Great Banner Ceremony awaits us ahead.

Our mentor and consummate banner master Hotsushika Kakusai has approved our rectangular 300 by 250 blue banner with the words “Join Us”. After using sketches made with a brush from wool from the tail of an Amur tiger, on the best Madagascar rice paper, and paints from an artist store, we transferred our idea into a free graphic tool. Working in a fishing village for a year, we honed our ideas down to the sharpness of a samurai sword to write a stunning call to action. We are about to have the Great Banner Ceremony.

In a hall lit by thousands of candles, in the smoke of incense, under the incessant and highly irritating beats of a conga, after a week of fasting and meditation, we opened our laptop to place a banner on the site. Our teacher, Hotsushika Kakusai, grabbed our wrist with a quick snake-school move. “Are you ready? Do you know where you will place your banner? What if you put it diagonally on the “About us” page, where no one will see it? What will your efforts be worth then?!”

We, taking a deep breath, answered with all possible dignity that we would place our banner with all respect and dignity at the top of the first page, where it would delight the visitor’s eye, inviting people to click on it and generating conversions with the force of a tsunami and the tenacity of ocean waves.

Having said this, we acted according to our words. And the banner stood at the top of the page, merging in harmony with the main design of the site. In reverent silence, we and our teacher looked at the miracle that appeared to us. If not for the conga beats, the moment might have been too wonderful to bear. We stood up, preparing to bow and give a speech of gratitude to our mentor. But he stopped us with a gesture.

“Have you really not learned patience in all this time? Yes, the perfect banner is created and placed in harmony. But it is like a child. The process of its creation was not without pleasure, but now it has come into this world and requires attention and constant care. You should track conversions, perhaps of special free programs. Your idea is wonderful, but how will it resonate in people’s hearts?”

Having heard about free online tools, we relaxed a little; at the end of this journey, we wouldn’t want to go back to some island lighthouse in the Pacific Ocean for several years of meditation. “With the attention of a watchman on the edge, monitor the performance of your banner. And if its conversions are low… Well, your banner is perfect, but is it perfect? There is always room to become even better. Until the yin and yang of your banner are harmonized and the energy qi will not flow through it with the lightness of the sun’s rays through a bamboo grove at sunset.”

Having said this poetic phrase, obviously prepared in advance, our teacher became exhausted. His shoulders sank, but we decided to wait a little longer, knowing his character. And they were not mistaken, after drinking two pots of green tea he perked up again, – “There may be a need to move your banner, and perhaps even replace its blue color with a sea green color. Conversion statistics will show you the right path. Now I have taught you everything I knew. And it’s time for you to go into the big world of affiliate marketing, and for me to go to a sushi bar and drink myself into oblivion, as I do every week.”

Thus ended our epic and educational journey to create the perfect banner. But you understand that the main thing is not the goal, but conversions and income. Namaste.

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