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Andrew Olekh
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We continue our series of materials about niches. In search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places.  This time, as always, the Guardian took the form of a beautiful girl and invited us, of course, to school. Pretty predictable if you don’t know what happened next.

As usual, we sat down at the last desk, and our Guardian stood in front of the blackboard and, with creaking chalk, wrote “There is no knowledge that is not power.” “Who knows where this quote comes from?” – asked our Guardian-teacher. Considering that there was no one else in the class except us, we had to answer that it was from the game Mortal Kombat. “Not true. In this formulation, this idea was expressed by the 19th century American poet Ralph Emmerson, but in a more general sense it is a paraphrase of Francis Bacon’s saying “ipsa scientia potestas est” – “knowledge itself is power.” And it in turn goes back to biblical quote from the Book of Proverbs (24:5) – “A wise man is strong, a man of knowledge increases his strength.” Do you think this was useful? Did this knowledge increase your strength? We fidgeted a little and nodded uncertainty because we started drawing funny horses and missed some of the information.

“Now let’s move on to the topic “Education in affiliate marketing: income and excess income.” At this point, we perked up a little and even decided to spit out the chewing gum so that we could later smear it on the back of the table. “The Internet was conceived as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, and no matter how Strangely, some people still use it precisely for these purposes, and not to watch short videos with reactions to reactions. Therefore, this desire of people for education can be used to earn money.”

We became interested in the behavior of the crow at the game; it sat on a branch for quite a long time without moving, and then flew down and began to peck at something invisible to us on the ground. “The Covid epidemic switched the whole world to home schooling. At first it seemed inconvenient, but soon people were inspired by this idea. Online schools have gained unprecedented scope and popularity. Are you taking notes? Will all this be on the exam?” We asked to go to the toilet and walked for a long time along the empty school corridors, and when we returned our Guardian continued to describe the delights of homeschooling in an empty classroom.

“Education is not limited to school, college and university; many people are willing to spend money on learning throughout their lives.” our attention wandered again, and we sincerely wished that there was no one else in the class except us. We had to write a note to ourselves. Then stick the words “Kick me” on your back, and then kick yourself. Still, it was more fun than listening to the Guardian.

“Let’s move from theory to numbers. Write down. The global personal development market in 2023 was estimated at $45 billion. By 2030, it is expected to exceed $70 billion.” Undoubtedly, these are impressive numbers, but we were so immersed in the meditative anticipation of the call that we completely fell out of reality. And then we had a dream where we were sitting in class, and then we fell asleep and saw a dream about how we were sitting in class. The Guardian brought us out of this sad recursion. She shook us by the shoulder and said in a completely different voice. “You know what’s not boring at all? Getting paid! Here’s a list of the best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely”:

Tutorialspoint (WW) –  tutorials library – 11.535% payout

Coursera (WW) – learning platform – 34.605% payout

Upskillist (WW) – learning platform – 30.76% payout

British Council (WW) – language learning – up to 27,69 GBP payout

Domestika (FR,UK,DE,MX,PT,AR,ES,CL,PL,NL,BR,IT,CA,US) – educational platform – up to 38,46% payout

IXL (US) – learning program – 5.38% payout (US,CA,FR,AU,UK,PH,IT,DE,IN) – learning library – $6.15 payout

Skillshare (WW) – learning platform – 38.46% payout

Benzinga (US) – stock market news and research – 23,07% payout

ISSA (CA,FR,AF,BR,AU,UK,DZ,DE,AL,US) – trainer certification – 7.69% payout

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