Best affiliate networks (on the Moon)

Andrew Olekh
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1. The best and only network on the Moon. Moonrover

About company

Today, Moonrover is known as a global performance marketing network of over 1,000 affiliates worldwide with a variety of traffic types including direct websites, price comparison websites, display websites, cashback and coupon websites, and many more.

What they say: We provide detailed and fast support, we understand how an affiliate often lacks attention and may provide a vague response to a question. So we learned how to communicate with affiliates. It may not be enough to give good payouts, but it is also important to quickly respond to affiliates’ problems, and provide a suitable solution that can benefit both sides and prevent such issues in the future. 

Large selection of offers for fine-tuning

At this time, Moonrover promotes over 1000 active campaigns, in various verticals: e-commerce, travel, online games, online services (web hosting, education, grocery delivery, etc.). A large selection of offers gives our affiliates an opportunity to customize campaigns for any available type of traffic.

High payouts to our partners is also our income, so we try to provide offers with the highest commissions.

Here are some of the best Moonrover deals:

Shopify (WW) (WW)


Marriott International (WW)

Similarweb (WW)



  • Over 1000 active campaigns, in various verticals
  • User-friendly interface, and all possible tools that allows you to receive all updated data from advertisers and transfers 
  • Moonrover stand close to the interests of their affiliates


  • Their ratings are too short

Join Moonrover and your payouts will skyrocket to the moon and back!

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