Top 10 affiliate marketing tips

Andrew Olekh
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We continue the series of useful materials, where the best masters of the affiliate art share their secrets with us. This time we go to the toughest affiliate of the Wild West to find out tips for surviving in the wild prairie of affiliate marketing.

  1. Ask Google Trends

Yes, son, it’s good that you reminded me of this Indian word. Google Trends, like a good shaman, knows which products are popular now and which are just starting to gain popularity at trading posts. Of course, tobacco, bullets and golden spurs are always needed. But if suddenly Google Trends doesn’t know such queries, maybe you will be the first to find a nugget in the stream.

  1. Always fresh content

When you spend many days in the saddle and then come to a town, it happens that the ladies avoid you. It’s the same with content, it should always be fresh. It is clear that your site is not a dead coyote, which means it will be more trustworthy. Yes, and search engines, like those ladies, love those who are newer.

  1. Only one rate is important

Nobody needs top hats and monocles when you run out of water in the desert, son. Likewise, a high commission becomes meaningless when no one buys the product. Therefore, the ratio is more important than the percentage. And as one of my friends said, only one CR is truly important – yours.

  1. Regular commissions

Give a man a scalp and he will have one scalp. No, wait, this proverb sounded somehow different. In general, programs with regular commissions are better than just a one-time payout. Well, you know: all kinds of software, tariff plans for phones, VPN and other hosting. Once you sell, you receive a commission for months.

  1. Exclusive discounts

Everyone wants gold spurs, but what if I sell you gold spurs at a discount? Interested? Well, of course. Ask your managers if there are any exclusive promotional codes for the program. Ladies love it.

  1. All sorts of dirty tricks with time

Well, on the sales path, all means are good. Start a countdown with discounts on the product page. Make the buyer think that time is running out, life will get worse, even the canyons will slowly collapse. Moreover, this is true. Yep.

  1. You should run several affiliate programs

Don’t put all the ammo in one gun. Damn, I said it again. You see, I’m not very good with cowboy sayings. The point is, don’t rely on just one program. Suddenly she will be scalped, a wheel of the cart will fall off in the middle of the prairie, you never know. You always need to have a backup option. For some reason I wanted scrambled eggs.

  1. There should also be several products

The buyer should always have an alternative, a choice. Remind me, son, that Indian word. Yes, definitely Google. Check “Related Searches” and “People Also Searching”, useful stuff. This way you will understand which products will look better together. And it increases sales.

  1. Learn the habits of your enemies

Yes, son, the affiliate path is cruel. Look at what your competitors, the best of them, are doing. And don’t be ashamed to repeat it. It’s not about theft, it’s about cunning. Does anyone have a convenient website? Popup windows? Necessary utilities? Do the same.

  1. Transparent affiliate links

There are places where you are penalized for incorrectly formatting an affiliate link in your content. You don’t want to sit in a hot sheriff’s jail, waiting for your friends to come to its walls with dynamite? Therefore, in special areas, rules must sometimes be followed. I’ve blabbed something, son, put out the fire, it’s time to sleep. And you watch first.

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