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Andrew Olekh
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We continue our series of materials about niches. In search of the legendary elders – the guardians of niches, we travel around the world and discover Masters in the most unexpected places. The next Guardian, of course, taking the form of a young girl, invited us for a run. Quite logical for the Fitness niche, but we were prepared for the unexpected.

The run started in the park, and we immediately assumed that it was because Fitness is an evergreen niche. The keeper confirmed our assumption, and in a surprisingly even voice as she ran, she began her story, “You can always be sure that people will want to be the best version of themselves. The demand will not go away, even if suddenly in a couple of decades it becomes fashionable to gain weight, and not reset. A strange idea for jogging, right? But only at first glance. Body fashion is constantly changing, and today yoga may be popular, and tomorrow strength exercises, and then big muscles, and then thinness. All this does not matter, the main thing is to earn more money, because we are all running after it.”

The park imperceptibly gave way to the desert, hinting at our previous meeting with the keeper of the Travel niche. It’s pretty hot to run around and ask questions, so we just listened and nodded. “Vitamins, dietary supplements and other sports nutrition.You know, they say that the global market has exceeded hundreds of billions of dollars and continues to grow. And then there are sportswear and related products. Yoga mats and bottles alone can make you a rich man. That’s the beauty of niches, that each has its own niches, and so on. All keepers, love recursions, don’t lose momentum.”

We made it through the desert with difficulty, and now found ourselves running through a crowded shopping center with a VR helmet on our head. Another reference. “If we don’t take into account the obvious virtual goods, like courses and training, then let’s think about gadgets. A wonderful invention, you sell watches, or bracelets or rings to measure body indicators, track steps, calories and so on, and with them there are applications that are already in the software category. You can sell them, and they, in turn, also sell you something. A true sales marathon, an endless race!”

We suddenly find ourselves running across the African savannah, where herds of antelopes graze, lions lazily yawn in the meager shade, and crocodiles wait for birds at a watering hole. We honestly admit that we didn’t take the hint. “And you think about this, I’ll now talk about competition and the cruel world of affiliate marketing. No, it’s all about nutrition. This market is generally estimated at trillions, so don’t worry, there’s a place for everyone. Healthy nutrition, no matter what it is: vegan, balanced, dietary, designed exclusively for you, whatever you like, this is the true generous savannah. But you will learn about this in due time from another Guardian. Now let’s turn here.”

Even though we’ve already done a fair amount of running, we find ourselves on the treadmill in the gym. We keep our objections that we could not have left here anywhere to ourselves. The Guardian of the Fitness niche, meanwhile, does not look tired or out of breath, and in the same cheerful voice as at the beginning continues, “The treadmill is endless, run until you fall, and my niche is the same. There are countless options for promotion here, and the niches will never end. What else can I advise you? Don’t stumble, and keep this list of best offers in Moonrover. Use it wisely”:

Copper Compression (US) – protective sports equipment – 15,38% payout

LARQ (WW) – self-cleaning water bottle – 6,15% payout

ISSA (CA,FR,AF,BR,AU,UK,DZ,DE,AL,US) – personal trainer certification – 7.69% payout

PITAKA (WW) – gadgets shop – up to 9.23% payout

Greatness App(WW) – self-care tools in one app – 7.69$ payout

WeightWatchers (NL) – weight loss app – 7.69$ payout

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