Some SEO tips for Affiliate Marketing

Andrew Olekh
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Every week we meet for interviews with the strangest characters. Imagine our surprise when we came to ask questions to the SEO optimization master, and it turned out to be an ordinary-looking person at a computer. He was silent for a very long time, looking at the monitor. The weird thing started when he spoke

We must admit that this is the first interview that we had to edit. Our interlocutor spoke in small phrases no longer than three words, sometimes in a strange order and constantly repeating them. For example, she began with the following words: SEO is like poetry, poetic word order in SEO, formulating an ideal request. Therefore, we tried to put his undoubtedly aphoristic, but not always understandable words into more or less coherent speech.

First, we asked him for some SEO tips for affiliate marketing. With a response of three milliseconds, our interlocutor gave something like the following. “The main thing is to choose the right domain name for your website. It doesn’t have to be short, preferably containing keywords related to your chosen niche. You shouldn’t choose something that is too long. The general rules are not canceled. The name should be memorable and meaningful. The domain is also important. .com is the best option. But your local is also good.”

We asked him to give an example, for example, for a site with SEO optimization topics. He returned our request to us. After thinking, we replied that the best would be He did not appreciate our humor, which, however, we could have guessed in advance.

Everything is obvious with the name, but how to get on the first pages of a search engine? “Search engines evaluate the keywords you use. Search engines look at the loading speed of your website. If it takes longer than 2 seconds to load, your site will drop in ranking. The time a user spends on your site also affects your search ranking. You can increase the time spent on your site by cross-linking to other materials on your site.”

What is the most important thing in SEO optimization? “Key words,” was the answer we were given. We asked to develop this idea, but our master obviously did not work like that. The best keywords for SEO optimization of an affiliate campaign, we asked again. “Rating, the best, discount and buy.” This was the answer, and we could not achieve more.

Is there a way to achieve success in SEO website optimization? “Constantly analyze statistics and make changes.” What statistics should we pay attention to first? “Views, clicks, conversions. In that order.” What should we do with these statistics? “Add affiliate links to pages with better statistics.” Any other tips? “Update the content. It works.”

We began to get a little tired of short answers spoken in an unemotional voice, and even regretted those cases when we had to run after the interlocutor. But we still have one final question: What kind of content should be for successful SEO promotion? “High quality content.”

This is where we decided to end this interview. Indeed, many people think that low-quality content works. But this is not true guys, we need high quality content. Inspired by this illuminating revelation, we left our master in the same position, silent in front of the switched off monitor.

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